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Trouble printing 1 page of a 1 sided document.

Product Name: Xerox Phaser 6510DN
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

1. after printing the page, the 6510 pulls it back as if it is trying to print something on the back that isn't there and then re-emerges. any ideas?

2. when printing an envelope the process stops until i press "OK" on the 6510's front panel. (the choices are "OK to print or "cancel") after OK, it prints fine. I have double-checked the configuration to verify the proper tray, #10 envelope, etc. (so if the printer and windows both know what's to be printed, why the extra step?)

3. The 6510 has numerous tray, paper type, paper size settings in BOTH the control panel on top of the printer and within Windows 10 "Printing preferences" dialogue. Many of the selections are redundant. So which takes precedence?

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Trouble printing 1 page of a 1 sided document.

1. It goes back through to make the job face-up vs face-down. Whether or not it does it I believe is handled by the stock type/weight

2. No idea

3.They are not redundant, the printer is programmed for what is in the tray, if you send a print job through the driver and tell it to pull from tray 2, but to print on something that is not actually in tray 2, it would ask you to load that stock at the printer before it can be printed.

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Re: Trouble printing 1 page of a 1 sided document.

Thanks Joe. It sounds like you are saying that what I configure within Windows via printer preferences dictates what the printer does? right

and if i understand you correctly, the 6510 process of turning the page over means that 2 passes are thus necessary to print a 1 page document on 1 side. i don't guess there is a setting to print on the "other" side to avoid that?

I found another paper size setting that had set both Tray 1 and the bypass tray to: letter. Once i changed to "envelope 10" i no longer had the problem when printing a #10. (printer properties>device settings>apply>OK.

that still leaves me with printing a #9 envelope or specifying a custom size to do that.

(my old HP would print a #9 with a #10 setting but the 6510 knows better and throws an error and then jams if you proceed anyway.)

any idea?

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