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ddelano New Member
New Member

Trouble printing pdfs on 6204

I'm using Client Accxex Tools v. 13.00.20 on a Xerox Wide Format 6204. Printer driver v. 14.1.2. 


I recently had to re-install the software on a new computer. I can print .tifs just fine, but the majority of my saved scans are 24x36 pdf engineering plans sheets. When I try to print  pdf’s, it generates a postscript error.  I was hoping there'd be a way attach to this post the "ERROR/WARNING PAGE" that is generated, but there doesn't appear to be a way. The postscript error generated on that page is:




We've tried all the combinations of default document settings and job settings we can figure out, but with no luck. Any ideas?

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Xerox Employee KenB-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: Trouble printing pdfs on 6204



Please upgrade to the latest 15.0 versions of both the driver and client tools.  If you are still having the problem, contact your support hotline.




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