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Re: Trouble with Automatic paper tray pulls on Nuvera 288 printer using FreeFlow Print Server

It turns out that when we were moving the PostScript print file from our BARR Enterprise Print Server over to the FreeFlow Print Server running on our Nuvera printer, we must NOT have pre-filled the correct field with the Queue Name that the FreeFlow Print Server was expecting, so the print job ended up using whatever the Default Queue the Nuvera printer was set to.  In this case the Default Queue was set up to use only one paper tray.


Therefore, my question is:  What print file field name do we need to pre-fill with the required FreeFlow Queue Name in the BARR Enterprise Print Server so that when it gets to the FreeFlow Print Server on the printer that it has the correct FreeFlow Queue name?





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Trouble with Automatic paper tray pulls on Nuvera 288 printer using FreeFlow Print Server

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

In a PostScript print file I am able to specify the paper stock that I want to use for a printed page by using a comand called MediaType 

for example:  /MediaType (checkmechanizedclaim)


I am able to create and save and load Paper Tray settings (we will call SpecialForms) which specifiy that the paper stock for this form (or mediatype) resides in Feeder 1 tray 4.


Before I release the Postscript file to the printer, I load the paper tray settings called SpecialForms


Sometimes when I send this postscript print file to the Nuvera printer, it would pull the correct paper from the correct tray.


Other times when I send this same postscript file to the Nuvera printer, it and all other forms that I have in the print job all pull paper from the same tray.  It's as if it is using a default tray for all forms and ignoring all of the  /MediaType commands that I have in the print job.  When this happens, all paper pulls are from Feeder 1, tray 2 (the largest feed tray in the Feeder).


I have this print assigned to a Postscript Queue Name that had been set up and under the Stock Tab, I have the Stock Selection set to Program Stock and the Name set to Unspecified with the Type/Weight set to "Plain, 75".


Does anyone have any idea why printer seems to be mostly ignoring the /MediaType commands in a PostScript print file?







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