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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Two PCs printing same PDF with slightly different colours

The same file printed with the same driver to the same printer should always be the same output, but Adobe products by default are sending their interpretation of the color to any device, so I would assume the one that prints darker is still set to do that, where the one that prints properly is not. Any file sent to CWS5 direct bypasses the OS/App and Driver, so no matter the source, Output will be exact.


So in Acrobat/Reader, do a File > Print > Advanced and let the printer do the color




With Acrobat/Reader controlling color, with any printer at all, your blues will get a purple tint, Red will go magenta(ish)

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Joe Arseneau
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Two PCs printing same PDF with slightly different colours

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We have two laptops both with Windows 10 printing to a Versant 80 with Fiery EXi-80. I've made sure both PCs have the same Acrobat colour settings: Europe General Purpose 3. I've also checked the colour tab in the print dialog and run out a summary of print settings from the Fiery from both computers and they are the same workflow and settings.


The source was a simple Word document with a table with grey shading and some text, converted to PDF using the Create PDF function of Acrobat DC in Word. One of them prints it fairly neutral, and the other it's got a slightly pink tinge: subtle, but enough to be noticeable when put next to each other. It isn't a machine variance as I can alternate between them and one is always pinkish.


Apart from the two places I've mentioned above, is there anything else that might be affecting the output? As I control I ran the same file via CWS and that was slighly different again (a bit darker, no pink tinge).

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