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Unable to print from photoshop colorqube 8570

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Hi everyone


I really hope  that someone will be able to help.


I am using my colorqube 8570 to print designs from photoshop cs2 but everytime I click the print, it crashes out photoshop and comes up with an error (i'm not at home at the minute to quote the error)


I wonder if anyone has the same problem?


The other issue i have is that I need to print on A5 but can't see to get the printer to print it from the manual front tray.  It wants to print from the main tray but I have labels in there already.


I would be so grateful for any help - It's driving me dimented!



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Valued Advisor

Re: Unable to print from photoshop colorqube 8570

seems driver related, what driver have you installed? have you tried the latest global driver?

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