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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Unprinted lines/streaks through Magenta prints, tried replacing Imaging Unit


For the lines on magenta, I am sure there are some debris on the magenta developer housing, so you will need a tech to replace the developer material.



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New Member
New Member

Unprinted lines/streaks through Magenta prints, tried replacing Imaging Unit

Product Name: Phaser 7500
Operating System: Windows 10

Our Phaser 7500DN printer is having issues printing Magenta.  There are two sections that simply don't print well, one at the top of the page that consists of a few varying lightness of lines in about the first inch, then another lighter line running through the print about three inches up.  I'm including a photo so you can see just what I'm talking about.

  I tried going through the troubleshooting for this starting with cleaning the LEDs by pulling the cleaning rods in and out several time (I've now down this a few times with no improvment).  Then the troubleshooter said if that didn't work replace the imaging unit for that color, so we did, but the print looks nearly identical to what it did before.

   I do not see any signs of damage to the old Imaging unit, and in thery it's only about half way through it's life expectancy.

  I'm also getting some dark smudges at the bottom of the page that keep coming back, I can get them to go away by doing the smudge removal procedure several times but they come back fairly quickly.  I assume this is a differnt issue I'll have to deal with.

   Any ideas on how to fix these issues?

             Thanks in advance for any help.



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