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Re: User alert about print job size possible? (Workcentre, equitrac)

Hi, Rekenkamer!


I'm not sure if Xerox do have this kind of feature, but the 3rd party software "Print Manager Plus" does pause the printout and gives a message.

I have also heard of software like Papercut and Novell Quickfinder having these features, what about checking em out? :)


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User alert about print job size possible? (Workcentre, equitrac)

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Is it in any way possible to warn the users if the printjob exceeds a configurable pre-set size or number of pages? E.g. if a user prints a document or a mail message with attachments of over 25 pages a warning appears that "the size is over 25 pages please reconsider".


We don't care which element in the print chain gives the warning, as long as the user can still cancel the job.


The typical user print chain is: (from MS-Office2010 on Xenapp terminal server, Xerox universal driver, equitrac follow-me, to Xerox Workstation with contactless card unit.)



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