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Using multiple trays on same print job

Using a Docuprint 135 / 4635 LPS

I have a PDF file of checks.  Each check has a cover sheet followed by the check on the next page.  The first page will be on plain white paper, the second on check stock.  How do I tell the printer to alternate between feeder trays - first page from one tray and second from another tray?

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Re: Using multiple trays on same print job

It's called an exception and is done in the driver like this

File > Print > Properties Set your trays and settings for the first page


Then go to Document Options > Special pages > Exceptions and set your other page settings




You will have to specify each page in the exceptions, it would be nice if it could be programmed as every other page, but it can't, you would need to enter the pages as 2,4,6,8,10,12 etc

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Joe Arseneau
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