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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Using the inserter to insert reprinted pages into a Calendar

It's going to jam, folded paper should never be re-run, there is 0% chance of this going well.

Add to that, you are going to have to do this from 3 sources.

Tray 5 with the covers.

Tray whatever for the single page you are printing (You cannot just run a fold and staple, something has to be printed)

Tray 8/Interposer for the already done body


With that in mind, I will pretend this is a 10 page job to make it simple, the page printed will need to be 2 pages already preimposed (You can't do the required inserts if you try to do the saddle portion in this job)

So, a 10 page job duplex is 5 sheets

Sheet 1 is the cover

Sheet 2-5 is the body

Lets say sheet 4 is the part you are printing


Page 1 = the cover from tray 5.


Page 2-3 (Probably this twice)


page 5 (should be tray 8 not 3)

3.JPGPage 3 will be the sheet made from what you are printing, which will be the preimposed 4 pages, printed duplex on 11*17



That would hopefully do it assuming the paper makes it through the printer in the first place. But I would not have high hopes. It is really hard to do inserts properly, and if you get a jam, you lose the job and have to then go back and figure out what stock in the trays need to be tossed to start again.

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Joe Arseneau
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Using the inserter to insert reprinted pages into a Calendar

Product Name: Xerox Color C75 Press
Operating System: Windows 10

HI all,

Well I got a job from a aclient who hfirst had the job printed at a printer overseas. There was an error on one the pages (client fault) so I've been tasked with reprinting the page and inserting it back into the calendar. 

Here goes the Calendar specs

Cover 11x19 (most likely cut down from 12x19 or 3x19 for bleeding puposes.

Inside pages 11x17

What I'm doing now is removing the staples from each calendar, prining the correct page to be inserted on 12x18 sheets, then cuttind down to 11x17 then manually inserting them into the calendar (8000) of them, and then stapling them back.

Oh the calendar was foleded to be basically 8.5 x 11 closed (not including the cover)

so are there any suggestions how I can use my printer by printing the correct page, placing the pre-printed pages in the inserter then having the machine do the rest?

Someone please say yes, and also how :) 

Thanks in advance


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