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VDI VMWare Printing

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Hi Guys

A prospect has a fleet of multi branded printers in a VDI 6 site office with about 40 total users. The drivers are installed locally and they use ‘thinprint’ to manage the multiple drivers. The issues that they have is that the printers keep falling off and when in a VM session printers are often unavailable (they are online and correctly networked on the WAN) which causes issues.

My plan is to replace the fleet with xerox devices and install the X-GPD on the VDI master image which will therefore push out to all remote sessions. Do you agree that this is the best approach and totally avoid thinprint?

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Re: VDI VMWare Printing

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It is an approach, but we would need vastly more information than provided to state what the best one would/could be. It's pure speculation unless you are there. And if the issue is SNMP like it seemingly is, disabling it on the port of the Xerox driver would fix it, but likewise would probably fix what they have already.

 Same goes if they are using WSD ports (just don't)

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Joe Arseneau