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Re: Various Errors in my Workcentre 7132 !! 116-334, 124-315, 077-301, 116-399

Hi rinafradow,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. The errors you are seeing all indicate that you need to have a technician fix the machine.  If the technician can not help you please call your support centre and ask if they can send out a supervisor to get the machine up and running. 

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Various Errors in my Workcentre 7132 !! 116-334, 124-315, 077-301, 116-399

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Greetings to the whole community, I always read them, and I never asked because I always get the answers just by looking, and really a thousand thanks,

I'm crazy, this Xerox printer workcentre 7132, it drives me crazy, I'm not a qualified technician as soon as the basic things, and the truth this machine does not want to start, first of all I had initially the Error: 116-399 and then disconnect the Lithium battery, and then reconnected and appeared Error 116-334, after several reboots and the change of this battery CR2032 3V, then appears the error, 124-315, and if I check in the service panel, I It appears that the Current Errors errors are as follows:


I have the manual I tried sres, I can not the truth I can not make it start, I do not know what to do, this printer is borrowed and the owner is asking for it, I do not know how I will deliver it but I even threatened to not deliver it, for I ask for the help of you, who have more experience,

I told them, the machine long before any fault occurred, and all those who told them, she worked normal, I went on a trip and I stayed for 6 months, when I arrived on the road and ready to deliver it, I showed up at one Error, 116-399, that told me to reset and if the error persisted call the technical service, since it could not from there all this disaster, here in Venezuela I have called up to the Xerox and it does not come, there are already 5 technicians nobody to I was able to solve the last one told me that it was the lithium battery that changed it and it goes the same, then what do I do ??

Lost forever?

I ask you for help please help me !!

Thank you

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