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Re: Versa Link make noise during the print like a bird

Hi Gabi, 

We have try to change de transfert belt, without succes. 

When you talk about transfert belt unit it's the transfert belt parts or the motor unit in the left side panel of the printer where the photoconductor cartridge and the transfert belt connect to ?

Like we have take the transfert belt and put this one in another printer without any noise trouble, we thing than that's could be the shaft of one motor in the left panel assembly. 

I dont know if this type of motor are available like parts. 



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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Versa Link make noise during the print like a bird


It could be from the transfer belt unit.



Versa Link make noise during the print like a bird

Product Name: VersaLink C405 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 7 x64


We have  few VersaLink C405 at the work. 

One of them start to make a bird noise during the print process. 

we have make many test on the printer to find the location or the reason of this noise. 

I have take the belt, the photoconductor cartrige of this C405 and swith the parts in another C405 who dont make this noise. So I have conclud than the parts is not the problem, because after de switch the other printer do not start to make bird noise. 

So I have make other test and finish by find than if I remove the waste cartrige from the printer and I close the right panel just enouth to make than the printer could print the noise is not present. I make a test page who stay white because the waste cartrige is not in the printer. But the page start from my tray and exit at the top of the printer without problem and without noise. If I open the right panel and put the waste cartridge again in the printer, the noise come back when I try a print test. 

I have try to replace the waste cartridge for a new one without sucess, if this cartridge is in the printer the page print well, but always make the bird noise kwick kwick. 

When I have view than the waste cartrige was in link with the noise problem, I have suppose than the gear where the photoconductor cartridge connect was the problem. so we have remove the right side panel of the printer to check if we could find somes gears. we find the motor head connect on a board. 

we have suppose than one of this motor was the problem, but when I try a print without the waste cartridge, I view all this motor turn during the print test without make any noise. 

So i dont find the noise generator in the printer. 

Anybody have view this kind of trouble ? 

Or have an idea to resolve the issue. 

Thank you !

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