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Re: Versant 80 Fails to Wakeup from Sleep

I maybe wrong, but I believe the tech can disable sleep and/or low power mode. It isn't documented for the V80 but it should be the same NVM location as the C60, which is documented. 

I would esculate to both your sales person manager and the cse's manager 

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Re: Versant 80 Fails to Wakeup from Sleep

Hi DrJoe,

I have a very similar problem with a Versant 80, did you solve it?


In the EFI forums there is another similar situation



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Re: Versant 80 Fails to Wakeup from Sleep


The timers can only be set ot 30 minutes or less once service upgraded the Fiery. The upgrade we were told was to put the Versant in sleep mode if it was not printing within that window of time.  This was supposed to help with wearout problems of the transfer belt, etc.

However, now that the timer is 30 minutes or less, the wake up from sleep problem where the Fiery sees the Versant as sleeping and the Versant says it is awake locks out printing on the machine until a complete reboot happens again.  If the next job to print does not make it through the process before it times out again, you are stuck in a loop of rebooting the machine over and over again.

Service has been out here many times over the past 6 months.  They have brought out 2nd level support, brought out domain experts, even brought out people from EFI Fiery (see below).  Nothing seem to help.

The latest fix was to downgraded the Fiery to the release prior to this problem happening and the tray 6 problem resurfaced big time and it did not fix the wakeup from sleep problem.  The Tray 6 problem is where tray 6 (a high capacity tray) and only tray 6 loses the paper size.  Everything else is good for Tray 6.  This tray actually measures the paper size, so how can it forget it.  It is easy to fix, in the all you have to do is open and close the tray.  However, our printer is about 100 ft away, so every time this happens you have a trek to simply get the Versant do do what the Versant should do.

The EFI Fiery guy come out.  They repeated what Xerox service had done with Xerox service present.  They  uninstalled the release, reinstalled the latest level release and the problem remained.  They then uninstalled that release and put the older release back in place and same problem.  They captured all kinds of logs as they could reproduce the problem.  That was 12/20/2018.

These two issues have been plaguing us since June 2018 and its now Jan 2019.

When the tray 6 problem happened again, we were asked to capture the logs and send them to EFI and Xerox - done.


Simple problem statement:

1.  Fiery and Versant get out of sync when the Fiery thinks the Versant is sleeping and the Versant shows it is not sleeping.  Depending on the release, one of two things happen 1) release from 6/2018 - machine must be rebooted to get around the problem (we have done this close to 1,000 times); 2) release from 12/2018 - the machine can be awaken by pushing the wakeup button most of the times.

2.  Tray 6 problem - High Capacity tray forgets paper size randomly, but between print jobs.  This shuts down production until one discovers the machine is not printing and then discovers the Fiery shows the paper size is wrong.  Opening and closing the tray fixes this problem on a temporary basis.  No reason for it to occur - tray has lots of paper in it.  No one is touching the machine.

HELP!!!!  Has anyone out there had this wakeup from sleep problem or a high capacity Tray 6 forgetting its paper size problem.

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Re: Versant 80 Fails to Wakeup from Sleep

Hi Dr.Joe,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please double check to make sure the timer has been set properly.  If the behavior continues then please consider contacting support and ask to speak to an analyst in second level. 

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Versant 80 Fails to Wakeup from Sleep

Product Name: Xerox Versant 80 Press
Operating System: Windows 7 x64

The Versant 80 fails to wakeup from sleep.  Since the upgrade of Fiery to 80.34.33, the timer for when the Versant goes to sleep was changed from being settable to 30 minutes.  This was to save wear and tear on the fuser/belt.  However, once the Versant does go to sleep, communications between the Fiery controller and the Versant get screwed up.  The FCW (Fiery Command Workstation) cannot wake the machine up to print a job.  Doesn't matter if it is an archived job on the Fiery or a new job sent to the Fiery.  Here is an example of what happens, with a simple timeline:

  • 10:00AM Open PDF in Adobe Reader, Select the Print Icon for the Versant/Fiery, Select Printer Properties – paper type, etc., Click Print
  • 10:05AM Walk over to the printer to pick up the print. No print out.
  • 10:07AM Bring up Fiery Command Workstation (FCW)
  • 10:09AM Fiery (FCW) shows Versant is sleeping
  • 10:10AM walk back over to printer to see if printer is awake
  • 10:11AM Versant is awake. Open door on Versant, just to confirm – yep its awake
  • 10:12AM walk back to office to retry print job but Fiery (FCW) still shows printer is sleeping
  • 10:14AM Print the job again - 2nd try to print job – Fiery (FCW) shows a countdown that the Versant is in the process of waking up
  • 10:17AM countdown on Fiery (FCW) reached zero and job fails again

At this point we have to execute the temporary fix from Xerox or else we are 100% down.

  • 10:19AM walk over to Versant and power it down
  • 10:23AM Versant is down.  However, if it is not powered down after 5 minutes the CSE said to hard power down the units by killing power with the internal switch.
  • 10:24AM Power up the Versant and Fiery box on the Versant
  • 10:29AM Versant is up and Fiery box shows “00” on box (we have the backpack style Fiery)
  • 10:30AM walk back to office to see state on Fiery (FCW)
  • 10:31AM Fiery (FCW) is disconnected from Versant – try connecting
  • 10:33AM Fiery(FCW) failed to connect – retry
  • 10:35AM Fiery (FCW) failed to connect again – retry
  • 10:38AM Fiery (FCW) failed to connect again – shut down Fiery (FCW) and restart it
  • 10:42AM Fiery (FCW) is back up - try connecting again to the Versant/Fiery
  • 10:43AM Fiery (FCW) connects – progress
  • 10:44AM Select failed job and click PRINT
  • 10:45AM Fiery (FCW) –sometimes the job prints, other times it may timeout again during the ripping or spooling of the job causing us to repeat this reboot cycle again.  We have had to do this sometimes 2,3,4, and 5 times before we can get a job to print.  The last job took 4 hours from Print until we were finally able to get the job printed (a one page job!!!)  We have rebooted our Versant/Fiery about 1000+ times over the past 148 days.
  • The problem has been open for 148 days with no resolution from Xerox.
  • What used to be a no brainer, simply click print and go pickup the job now takes hours even for a single page.

Downgrading to 80.32.83 did not fix the problem.

First occurance started to appear about mid 07/2018 when Xerox upgraded the Fiery software.  Now, the problem may have always been there but when the sleep time was changed to 30 minutes from 4 hours, it may have caused it to show up.

When printing some of our normal production jobs (decks of cards), e.g. like a regular deck with 52 different sheets one for each dual sided card, the job takes long enough that the Versant falls back to sleep starting the cycle all over again.  However, since some of these may take 15+ minutes to rip/spool, each cycle burns another hour of work on our part simply to print a job that we have been printing for years.

We have also noted that the Fiery controller loses information on Tray 6 (high capacity) and only tray 6 when this failure happens.  We run 300 gms glossy card stock 12x18 in this tray at all times.  When a failure occurs, it defaults to a quantity of 0% and 8.5x11 paper.  All other settings for this paper type remain ok.   All other trays remain ok for all settings.

The Fiery backpack on our machine has been removed from the back of the machine and stands separately on the floor.  For those with the Fiery bolted to the machine, there is supposed to be an air flow shroud to solve a cooling problem from the Versant heat exhaust getting into the Fiery backpack.  Not our situation.

Our machine configuration has not changed since install.  It has run near perfectly for 6+ months printing a lot of the same jobs over and over again, until this upgrade.

One thought our CSE had was to run a windows command line batch file to print a single page to the Versant every 29 minutes to keep it alive until a permanent fix was created by Xerox.  Does anyone know the syntax for printing a file to the Versant from the command line?

We have been told this is a wide spread problem on the Versant 80s and may be in the Versant 180s as well.

Is anyone out there experiencing this problem and do you have an alternate solution or suggestions?






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