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Re: Vertical Streaks in Print.

having same issues on my printer. i will follow your suggestions @gabiene. thanks a lot, really appreciated.

Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Vertical Streaks in Print.


Yes it is an issue with the cleaning system of the transfer belt who not proper eliminate the waste toner. I saw some 6605, 6655 with the same problem and the solution was to disassembling and cleaning the cleaning unit.


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Vertical Streaks in Print.

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


I have a WC6605DN Color Multifunction printer.  Once a month I get called to fix vertical lines in print.  The printer is functioning as it should in every way except these dark grey/black lines in the print.  I have no on-screen errors or warnings.  It is this same situation that I walk into once every month or three weeks.

Here is a list of facts I have noticed.

- When this happens, of course, the transfer belt looks dirty.

- When I take out the belt and blow it off, the print gets better for a page or two but the lines/streaks come back.

- The fuser is clean and functioning correctly.

- All the rollers and guides are good.

- All the glass is clean. (Network printing is probably 75% of this unit's workload)

- The problem persists past changing out the transfer belt assembly (though it takes a month for the issue to resurface).

- The problem persists past changing out the waste toner cartridge.

I started doing my own troubleshooting and noticed over the months that my waste toner box was not filling up.  It has stayed on 100% for some time now.  That leads me to the transfer belt assembly.  In the transfer belt assembly there is a little auger that carries waste toner cleared from the transfer belt over to the waste toner box.  I noticed that every time I got a call for streaks, that little auger was full of waste toner.  Also, when I take the transfer belt assembly out and empty that little auger by turning the gears by hand, the issue takes longer to re-appear.  There is one more thing that I have tried.  I have the luxury of having a fleet of these printers.  One of the other printers became available and I put it in place where I was having this issue.  A month or so later.....Streaks again.  Same model: 6605DN, same office, same network port, basically just a different serial number.....SAME ISSUE.  I have put full maintenance kits with Imaging units, transfer belts, fusers in both the 6605's mentioned here.  I have a few units that do not duplex and they don't seem to have this issue.  I also have a couple of these units that have never needed a maintenance kit yet.  They don't have these issues either.  All maintenance kits were Xerox Brand.

Is there a known issue with these transfer belt assemblies for the 6605?  Or, is there a known issue with the 6605 regarding this type of problem? 

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