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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WC 3615 How do we turn off Automatic Tray Selection

It won't do auto tray select unless the trays have the same settings, so it won't go from letterhead to plain, only plain-plain, letterhead to letterhead etc.


So if your trays are all using different stocks, you should be changing them to reflect that.


Add to that, it only does auto select when it is set to auto as the source, if you specify tray 2, it will only print to tray 2, if you specify Auto, it will cycle through the trays in order of priority and stock type.


To modify the tray settings you need to login as admin and go to Machine Status > Tools > Tray Management

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Joe Arseneau
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WC 3615 How do we turn off Automatic Tray Selection

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Hello...  I have a WorkCentre 3615 with four (4) paper trays....  each one of these trays has a specific type of paper and I DO NOT want the machine to automatically jump to the next tray in the event that the tray selected has become empty.  This is a continuous waste of specialty papers and toner.


Thank you so much in advance.



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