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WC 6605 does not print with any driver

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We have a wc 6605 it makes copies, email, its printing via USB. A while ago the devices stop printing. I'd reinstall the drivers many times on differents PCs from the network. I installed PCL 6, PS, PCL 5, Global Driver, Xerox Class Color. It printed just once a test page with PCL 6 just once, when I tried to do a second test it did not work. I did a ping test and it had communication, also I change the IP address but didnt work. I already initialized the NVM. What could I do in that case? the firmware version is 90.99

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WC 6605 does not print with any driver

Windows 8.1 0r 10? If so, install the driver fullon manually with the Xerox driver and be sure to create a TCP/IP port manually as well.

So when you run the add printer wizard, choose the Printer I want wasn't listed option even if it was/is.

Then make sure that Query the printer is not checked when it appears.


The issue in most cases, and almost every case on Windows 10, is MS decides it would be a good idea to use a WSD port, and that it would be a great idea to use the built in MS class driver.



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Joe Arseneau
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