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jjpotter New Member
New Member

WC 7535 - Lion 10.7.4 - commandtoxbds crash

We have found through a lot of testing that the WC 7535 will not print from Lion 10.7.4 if the computer and printers are on different subnets and printing through a print server.


- Windows Server 2003 Server running Print Services and Print Services for Unix (so we can use LPD)

- Xerox WorkCentre 7535 w/ latest firmware(recently upgraded at least)

- Lion 10.7.4 with Xerox's 2.59.0. Using LPD as the print protocol 


queue: nameofprinter


- All 3 of the above live on seperate VLANs. We opened up all Firewalls/ACLs during testing.


When trying to print, a "Command Control" print job pops up in the queue and hangs until it finally says "/path/somepath/commandtoxbds failed" - We then have to kill the job on the Mac side.


- With this same configuration, we can choose a different driver (i.e WC6400s) and it will print fine.

- We can setup the printer on the Mac using SMB and it works fine(Although we don't want to use this method)


- This was reproducable in a test lab at another facility


I would be curious to know if someone is using a similiar configuration and whether it is working or not.



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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WC 7535 - Lion 10.7.4 - commandtoxbds crash

there is a new universal driver 2.67, maybe you can give that one a go


dont mind the model 7120 on this site, it also works for the 75xx range :

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jjpotter New Member
New Member

Re: WC 7535 - Lion 10.7.4 - commandtoxbds crash

Thanks for the heads up on this new driver.


Unfortunately it didn't help. I still get the same errors :(

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