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Re: WC3215 Unable to connect to Internet

what is your PC IP address ? set the IP on the printer manually without DHCP. IP must be in the same reange.

example> if pc ip is set the printer IP for, gateway should be and mask

for PC IP you will set printer IP and gateway etc...

I recco disabling DHCP, looks like your router doesnt support that feature or ist not configured properly.



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WC3215 Unable to connect to Internet

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

When i set this up last year, I was able to get to Internet Services - Web User Interface thru following:

And no since few days neither my printer is connected to my network nor the above works.

When i print network configuration i see a different IP Address : 

My request timed out when i did a Ping 

What do you recommend ?

WC3215 Network Config.jpg


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