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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WC7855 Booklet Creation function printing four to a page .pdf and .pub

In both cases you were turning on Booklet in the driver and the application (or the file itself is already in booklet format), there is no other way for that to happen.

I'm going to skip publisher because it is such a bad print program.


Assuming you have a document, in pdf format, that is Letter sized, and going on tabloid paper, and is one page per page as shown right here in the Acrobat window. (Must be auto, must show only one page in the preview)




Then go to Properties > Finishing > Booklet Creation (Do not set anything for sizes or duplex here)




Choose Booklet fold and staple, deselect Page borders , then click the Weird thingamajig




Choose exactly the highlighted entries and print the job




And that job will print properly, unless your job does not match mine, in which case, provide the file and I will explain yours (pdf, not pub, I'm not willing to use Publisher)

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Joe Arseneau

WC7855 Booklet Creation function printing four to a page .pdf and .pub

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I am trying to print an 8 page booklet, folded with two staples.  


-Booklet Creation

--Booklet Fold and Staple

---No page border

----Imposed by Driver

-----Booklet Margins, I have tried many variations


Page Sizing & Handling



Everytime I print, whether it be in publisher or Adobe (Pro and Acrobat Reader) it prints 4 pages on each side.  It comes out folded but only on one page.  I have managed to get it to print 2 pages per side but then the content is about half the size it should be.


I have been trying for 4 hours to figure this out and I can't.  I have gone through the forum and tried the solutions that worked for others but I am clearly doing something wrong.  Please help me.

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