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WORKCENTER 7835-- Booklet printing

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Recently I got 7835  for  a replacement of 7435, I do lots of booklet printing, I have downloaded driver
PS and PCL6 installed both. My  output paper is 11x 17 . All my source is layed out on 11x17  and I have selected booklet fold and staple im the xerox printer propertlies. To my surprise  the printer used 11 x17 paper but it printed the booklet in so small size  like both sides  of 11 x 17 in one side of 11x17 paper.


Later , I changed the setting to imposed by app, it printed as I expected but clarrity of the images are not good, like I see some color overlaps .


Xerox engineer came and checked all the printer settings and copy options, could not find any.


Later, I have down loaded PS driver, used the same settings in printer properties, I see first page and last page printed correctly, without any degrading in quality ( really good) but all other pages came in 1 x 1 inch so small, not sure what is going on. This time, I selected

imposedby driver settings.


Now, my only option is use setting like imposed by app and live with bad quality printing, and logo is not printing correctly, I see color overlay and picture is little blured.

Oh yes, I used print like photo option too, no cchange in quality.



Am I missing any settings, or just return the  printer.


Any help highly appreciated.



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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: WORKCENTER 7835-- Booklet printing

Hi rag,

You have probably selected "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size in whatever version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader you are submitting the job from. That is why you are getting the 1 by 1 inch size on some pages. The blurred problem is probably from the resizing in the app and the driver.




Then go into the Xerox driver and do the booklet fold and staple.



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Joe Arseneau
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