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Re: Web Console for a Xerox EX-i C60-C70 Printer (EU) takes me to a Canon iR-ADV C5560 III

Hi StephenJ0

Im sure that there is some thing wierd , xerox machines will never take you to canon web console !

i guess you are using the wrong IP Address which takes you there , however JUST TO BE SURE from your xerox web page do one of these things 

if the fiery is connected to your printer 

1- print the configuration sheet and look for the ip address " it will be the embedded  fiery IP address " 

  1. Select the Fiery icon on the UI screen.
  2. Select the Info tab.
  3. Select the Print Pages tab.
  4. Select Configuration.
  5. Select Yes to print the Configuration sheetfiery.png


    then click to the bottom right link to send you to xerox web page .

fiery web.png


take off  the connections between the Fiery controller and the printer then plug a crossover network cable between the xerox and your laptop  and configure the ip address on your laptop as the range of the printer


print the configuration report and locate the printer IP Address 

  1. Press the [Machine Status] button on the Control Panel. 
  2. Select the [Device Information] tab.
  3. Select [Print Reports].
  4. Select [Printer Reports].
  5. Select [Configuration Report].
  6. Press the [Start] button on the Control Panel to print the report.


  • In Your Laptop Go into Start/Control Panel/Network and Internet Connections/Network Connections/Local Area Connections
  • Open Local Area Connection
  • In the General tab click on Properties button
  • Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) icon
  • Click on Properties button
  • Select Use the following IP address radio button
  • Set IP address to ip range of the copier( if printer ip address is then set the laptop to )
  • Set Subnet mask to or whatever the copier subnet is
  • The default gateway can be left blank
  • Click on OK to close properties box
  • Click on OK to close Local Area Connection Properties box

Then type the IP Adress of the printer (ex : ) on the browser 


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New Member

Web Console for a Xerox EX-i C60-C70 Printer (EU) takes me to a Canon iR-ADV C5560 III

Product Name: Xerox Color C60/C70
Operating System: Windows Server 2016

I had to fix an issue on the Xerox EX-i C60-C70 Printer via the web console, and the webconsole shows as a Canon iR-ADV C5560 III, we have a around 10 in the company.  My company picked the EX-i C60-C70 Printer because its Xerox and users say they preffered Xerox over a Canon printers.  How do I explain this to my management that Xerox sold us a Canon printer, which we didnt want to start off with????  I have nothing to stand by, more over the company that sold us the Xerox has misrepresented the product and slipped another make to us.  So how do I explain this to my company.  Is there any documentation, is there any formal information Xerox and Canon share printer models and not inform customers???  Any information you have would be really helpful.  Also really dissapointed that you can rebrand a whole printer yet leave the webconsole untouched.

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