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Re: Web Interface Loop


Here you can see the actual problem... I only have access to Company Info, Proxy Config, License options, maintenance. So but there are no other menus or options but just these points. I want to add MFP and start using PrintSafe

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Web Interface Loop

Product Name: Xerox PrintSafe
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Hello and Greetings from Germany!

I am having a problem with the installation with Xerox PrintSafe Software v.1.0

After setting everything up and activating the license Key the Web Interface wanted to start looking up for Printers in my Network but in a second it jumps back to Company konfig Page where I could change Company name and add another license. No matter where I try to click on the Web Interface it Jumps back like a endless loop.

I found in the Log this hint but I am not qualified enough to understand its meaning:



"<Detail>Zugang zum PrintSafe-Service verweigert.</Detail>

"<DevDetail>Unable to parse XJA Agent Information. XJA AGENT Data is not available in the request header.</DevDetail>



What can I do?

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