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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Web-based Print Driver Installer fails to download driver during installation

The Web Based print driver is a web based executable that chooses the driver after it finds what printer you have. It isn't different drivers, it is exactly the same drivers available below it.

The PS driver isn't bugged, you didn't buy the PS kit for the printer so the job goes to completed with error.

So if someones computer works, you need to simply grab the driver from their PC, because it simply has to be different than the ones currently available

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Joe Arseneau
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New Member

Web-based Print Driver Installer fails to download driver during installation

Product Name: WorkCentre 6605
Operating System: Windows 8 x64

The Web-based Print Driver Installer fails during this step: "Downloading Print Driver Files...".

Full error message:


The Xerox WorkCentre 6605DN was not able to be installed on your computer.

The following items were not able to be installed:
- Queue: WorkCentre 6605DN-60538B PCL 6
- Driver: Xerox WorkCentre 6605DN PCL6

Reported Message:
- [PCL6] Failed to copy or download files needed for installation. A művelet sikeresen befejeződött.

Please try rebooting your computer and running the installation again.

For additional troubleshooting go here:
Xerox Support Information

The driver is downloaded from here:


Filename 6600_5.523.0.0_PrintSetup.exe
Date: Feb 15, 2019
Version: 5.523.0.0
Size: 20 MB
Format: EXE

Tried drivers for different operating systems, different languages. Tried disabling firewall/antivirus. There is no problem with my network. Tried PS and PCL6 drivers both (the PS driver (or the printer using PS) is bugged anyway, because print jobs disappear, but PCL6 works on other computers). Restarted the computer many times, deleted past drivers from Windows.

The installer detects the printer fine. I can ping the printer. The printer works on other computers in the network.

The other printer drivers from the download list (PCL6 Print Driver for Administrators, PCL6 Driver 64-bit - Xerox User Interface - Microsoft Certified, Xerox Global Print Driver), or elsewhere are using Windows' built-in printer installer. These install fine, but are bugged; can't print black and white while the coloured inks are out, even though the black ink is full. Windows throws an error saying the inks ran out. Even though the black ink is full. I set black and white printing in the printer settings. This works on the other computers in my network, that had drivers installed in the past with the web based print driver installer, but not on the new computer, with the Windows-installer driver installed. So I need Web-based Print Driver Installer to work.

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