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Re: What does error message: 99,023,00:1919

Thanks for your answer. I tried several shut downs already. Doesn't sound like it is worth fixing.
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: What does error message: 99,023,00:1919


99,023 PEST - Head Tilt Solenoid Disconnect.

First disconect the printer from power, let the machine to cool down and power up again. If the error persist you will need a tech support

It could be from a defective solenoid or Control Board ( Electronics Module 0). 




What does error message: 99,023,00:1919

Product Name: ColorQube 8580
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.11 - El Capitan

Yesterday I was printing from my ColorQube 8580DN and there were a couple of light streaks on the photo, so I started the cleaning process for that. Said it should take about 5 minutes to print out the 4 pages. After an hour it said it was still printing page 2 of 4 pages. Never saw any pages printed out, so I decided to cancel the process. It wouldn't cancel — said the data was still processing. Let it keep working for another hour and nothing happened, so I shut the printer down. When I started the printer up again it had an error message: 99,023,00:1919. What does the error message mean and how can I fix my printer? Couldn't find an answer online, though I did find something for 99—something and PERT. Don't know what that means either. Please HELP! Printer has not had that much use. Everytime I sent the provided Form about my problem to Xerox tech support, it is not accepted. Customer service really sucks

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