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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Which region is my Xerox 7800?!


It is possible to find the machine region. It is a location (616-001) in NVM (accesible in diagnostic mode by a tech).

The p.n. for toner by region are:

006R01509...006R01512 are WorldWide Metered

006R01513...006R01516 are for NA/ESG Sold

006R01517...006R01520 are for DMO Sold




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New Member
New Member

Which region is my Xerox 7800?!

Product Name: Phaser 7800
Operating System: macOS 10.13 - High Sierra

Hi all. I have a Xerox 7800 printer that I am trying to install new genuine Xerox toner into. I have just purchased 3 toners locally here in Australia, but the printer is giving an error saying they are not for the right region.

I have called Xerox Australia to see if they can help me find out the reigion of my printer, or the toner I bougght, and they were not very helpful. They just said they don't know how to find this information out.

Does anyone know how I can find out the region of my Xerox 7800? Is there also a way to find out which region the different toners are for, as they have slighlty different model numbers. 

Apparently the regions are:

NA - North America
MNA - Metred North America
DMO - Developing Markets
XE - Europe

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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