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Re: Why sudden 8570 colour change and smudge ?

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Well, I took that PDF above to another PC with the same Win 10x64 OS and printed it out.

It came out correctly,. not too dark as on the initial PC.

I checked the drivers and found that the first PC had..

the Windows Class driver whilst

The correct one had   CQ8570-8870_PS_x64(exe)

So I answer my own question. Each PC has it's own print driver.

Smudge gone and correct colour

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Why sudden 8570 colour change and smudge ?

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Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have changed nothing exceopt turn it off for a few days then on again and replaced the new maintenance roller kit.

The colours are much darker on the new print and there is a smudge of blue on the yellow label.  Even the whole page seems to have a lint look to it.

Compare what was done a month or so ago and what is now.

Tried plain yellow 1/2 A4  and 1/2 A4 dark blue on same page and it was clear as a bell.

Why does it do this smudge on these images please?

Same image tried from CDR and also from PDF.

Even other images come out much darker. 8570/8870 Series Class

The driver is 8570/8870 Series Class.

I tried to change to a 8570 DN PS driver but it says  Printer Setting could not be save. It is not supported.

printer 8570 smudge compare.jpg

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