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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Win 10 app printing issue color output

Not much can be done by Xerox when the app intentionally doesn't allow you to get to the driver.

But you may have better luck in general not having "Let the app change my printing preferences" selected since that implies you want the app to override your driver choices



Those so-called Modern apps really push you to use V4 drivers, which just isn't reasonable (yet) with office class printers and higher. To quickly illustrate, at the bottom of the print window is a link that says More Settings , in a V4 driver it brings out the driver in a popup


But in a V3 it just gives a couple more options in the application itself

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Joe Arseneau
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Occasional Contributor

Win 10 app printing issue color output

Product Name: WorkCentre 7220/7225
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


my requirements as the below  :

  • Shared Print Queue
  • All the users have to be forced to print in B/ W.
  • Selected users that part of the colour group in the Active directory is allowed to print in
  • One driver only needs to be installed, and the colour option has to appear to the users that part of the colour group once they become a member of the Color group.
  • The default color output has to be B/w / double side by default


\\server\ Xerox_Driver

i have done the following in order to achieve the above requirements: -

  1. Installed the xerox WC7225 PS and shared
  2. From advanced è printing default     ( see the screenshot attachments) 1
    • 2sided Printing: 2-Sided Print .
    • Image option: “Xerox Black and white conversion “ .
  3. On the administration ( see the screenshot attachments) 2
  • Apply application defaults “After Pre-configuration”
  • Color access control : “Enabled”
  • Color Access group : “ColorPrint” [ the AD users group that allowed to print in color]

The result after the above driver configuration

  1. All the users that not part of the “ColorPrint” group are not able to change from the driver color output to color
  2. all the users that part of the “colorprint” group are able to change from the driver color output to color and to print in color.


When the users that part of the colour group tried to print from the Microsoft APPS [photo, Microsoft Edge, PDF Viewer, ETC,, )  on WIN10 that using the Microsoft basic print properties  the print output comes as B/w even after they select color  . ( see the screenshot attachments ) 3

the rest of the others program likes ( Word , excel , pdf adobe reader ,ETC ,,) on WIN10 using the  xerox print Driver properties are working with no issue ( see the screenshot attachments) 4



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