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Gmostell New Member
New Member

Win 7 32-bit driver for Work Centre XD 105f Printer

I have a Work Centre XD 105f laser printer that has workded successfully with a Win XP 32-bit computer.    Xerox has discontinued driver support for this printer for Win 7.   Will the Xerox Win 7 32-bit Global Driver (or the Win XP driver) work on a Win 7 32-bit computer for a Work Centre XD105f ?


I downloaded the Xerox Global Driver but during installation, the driver could not find the XD 105f printer, which was ON at the time of driver installation.


Can someone give me some help with my situation.  The XD105f has been a great printer, and I would like to continue using it for printing from my Win 7 computer.


Thank your for any assistance suggested.

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Win 7 32-bit driver for Work Centre XD 105f Printer

Hi Gmostell,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. The global driver should give you a basic printing mode for the printer you have.  It will not be a full featured driver that you may be used to. Please take a look at the basic printing mode on page 11 of the white paper for the global driver. If you require additional information please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Win 7 32-bit driver for Work Centre XD 105f Printer

The global driver does not support the printer fully so it won't find it.


The Windows XP driver will very much work in Windows 7, and 8 and in some cases 10 with slight modification to the OS (To allow for an unsigned driver), but the real issue is there is no 64 bit driver at all, and almost any computer from the last few years is 64bit.


In that case you would need to use the Xerox Global driver, and do so with a manual install.(Don't pick the "Install From Web" option, I would suggest the PCL5 download and install")


That will put the Files in c:\Xerox\X-GPD_5.433.6.0_PCL_32_Driver.inf\ (or X-GPD_5.433.6.0_PCL_64_Driver.inf)


Then when you install it just choose the driver manually from there and it should work.


This is all theoretical mind you, I don't have access to any printer that comes even close to that generation and do not have access to a computer that is capable of having a Parallel cable

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