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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Windows 10 and WorkCenter 6015 NI installation

Extract the driver and close the install Wizard, when you plug the printer in via USB, Windows will ask for the driver, point it at the folder in C:\Xerox\WorkCentre_6015B_Win7_Vista_XP_x64.


The instructions you are quoting is for network installation, not USB.


You could also just download the CD Package so you get the old school installer and can just pick USB form the installer






In the future, when posting, try to stay consistent with what you are asking for help with. Your subject line states you are in Windows 10 and the first sentance in your post states Win 7 x64.


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Joe Arseneau
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Windows 10 and WorkCenter 6015 NI installation

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

So I have an customer who has a Work Center 6015 with Windows 7 X64 and I cant get it it work, I see "Work Center 6015" as a device that needs troubleshooting in devices and printers but windows has no clue what it is and all windows can do is tell me it needs drivers. Also I cant understand these drive install instructions:


The Printer Driver files will be extracted to "C:\Xerox\WorkCentre_6015B_Win7_Vista_XP_x64".

After the files are extracted, the "Add Printer Wizard" will open.

1) Select the printer port, or create a new one, click "Next".(Its connected VIA USB, this option is for printers that are not connecting via USB, so I cant actually point it to the printer the port is pluged into)
2) From the Manufacturer/Printers window, select "Have Disk".
3) Browse to "C:\Xerox\WorkCentre_6015B_Win7_Vista_XP_x64", select your printer INF, click "Open" then "OK".
4) Select your printer model and continue to click "Next", following prompts, then "Finish".


I can "install" the drivers if i pont it to one of the listed ports, but I cant seem to point the driver to the correct USB port.


What am I doing wrong?

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