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Re: Windows 10 insists I still have a paper jam hours after clearing it

Hello mauricemoss, 

We have several different drivers available on our website have you try any of those? It might be best to speak with an analyst about which driver would be best for your environment.  Please consider calling into the support department at 1-800-821-2797.

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Windows 10 insists I still have a paper jam hours after clearing it

Product Name: VersaLink C8000 Color Printer
Operating System: Windows 10

There was a paper jam in my new Versalink C8000 so I cleared it. Windows, however, said there is still a jam when there isn't. I experienced the same thing with an HP printer last year too (it also didn't refresh after running out of paper) and had to take it off the network and go USB instead.

Only rebooting the computer (or running the printer troubleshooter) returns the status to IDLE instead of PAPER JAM - with no action required on the printer itself (because there's no more paper jam!)

Some people online say restarting the print spooler works for them. Even if that did work for me, I can't ask my users to do this every time there's a jam.

If I had to guess, maybe it has to do with the printer driver being "Microsoft IPP Class Driver" - but that's only a suspicion.

Any advice (aside from 'restart the computer', 'restart the printer', 'restart the spooler service', or 'run the troubleshooter') is greatly appreciated.


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