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Windows 10 x64 V1803 Bypass Tray will not pickup paper

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Product Name: Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

All three machine are identical ... HPZ600s with Windows 10 X64 V1709

Prior to Windows upgrade, bypass tray could be selected and paper (standard weight copy paper) pulled from bypass tray on all machines

One machine still running Windows 10 V1709 ... paper selected from bypass tray works properly

Upgraded second machine to Windows 10 V1803 ... selection from bypass tray still works properly

Did a CLEAN INSTALL of Windows 10 V1803 on third machine ... bypass tray appears as option, but when selected, paper is pulled from regular tray

Driver V5.324.6.0 installed on both working machines ... have tried BOTH versions (Web-based and PS Driver) of driver on third (Clean install machine) with same results

Really HATE to have to reinstall V1709 and then upgrade to V1803 ... just so Xerox driver will work

Hoping someone else has seen this and may know of a fix



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Windows 10 x64 V1803 Bypass Tray will not pickup paper

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You will probably need to call Xerox and have them replicate and fix it if able to replicate. In the meantime, try the Xerox GPD V3.

I have not heard of the issue and I work in 2nd level support, but it is an older device, no longer sold as new, so it may have just not come up (yet)

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Re: Windows 10 x64 V1803 Bypass Tray will not pickup paper

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I am the original poster ... thought I would share the solution for others.

I did contact local support whose first solution was to use the Fiery driver ... which the customer DID NOT want to use on these specific workstations.  Finally, after reloading the PS driver, the technician remembered what can only be identified as very obsure minutiae ... using the PS driver on a machine with a Fiery interface requires BYPASSING the Fiery controller ... which is easily accomplished by simply changing the TCP/IP Port from 9100 to 9200.

It seems this information (solution) has existed other places for years (see two examples below) ... unfortunately, my lengthy searches on the Bypass Tray issues were misdirected.  

Hope this helps someone else.



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