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Windows 7 Global Printer Driver Install Error


Hi upon receiving new Xerox C70 in our office, we were unable to install the Xerox Print Driver on one user's Window 7 Pro machine.


The install process appears to run to completion, but upon right clicking the Printer icon for Xerox C60/C70, one of the menu item says "Troubleshooting" and the user is to print anything with the C70 machine.  Selecting the troubleshooting icon does not provide any actionable information or steps to resolve.  Printer driver install worked fine on several other similarly configured PCs in the same office.


User is running a Windows 7 Professional x64  machine with 4GB memory.  The PC is to up to date with all Windows Service packs and patches. 

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Re: Windows 7 Global Printer Driver Install Error

Don't use the global driver, try the PS if you have the PS kit installed, PCL if not.

Set it up manually, so after the installer runs, close the print wizard and install it manually by creating a Standard TCPIP port for it to use.

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Joe Arseneau
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