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Re: Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

hello, go the support and drivers section , search for global driver and download the websetup.

This wizard will install you driver correctly


i think your windows uses some basic driver instead of the correct  one

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Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

This is posted as one method of resolution, not as a question.


Symptom: No color printing to Xerox Phaser 8560 DN:
Fix: Delete packages of all related printers and packages and reinstall
  color printer first, using Windows 7 offered driver


A network with Xerox Phaser 8560DN color and Xerox 3250 B&W
Windows 7 Enterprise laptop

Xerox 3250 (B&W) was installed first and worked fine.

8560DN installed later.
  All fields and screens visible on the laptop say color.
  The Windows Printer Test Page says Color Support:  No
  Mostly but not all printing was B&W. Some other paging problems.

Windows 7
  Print Management
    Delete all Xerox printers
    Delete all Xerox print driver packages.
      This required a reboot and repeat to get things "in use"

Installed 8560DN in this way
  Special port
  TCP/IP device
  Auto query device type
  Install the offered driver (8560DN PS)
  Now Windows Printer Test Page says Color Support: Yes
    and color prints correctly, and pages are laid out correctly.

All other unfortunate symptoms, including tray usage, page layout
  and other behaviors that were occuring that are now OK.

  It appears that there is some overlap
  or conflict between different drivers or configurations.
Before the delete-everything method, I had tried many combinations of
  PCL and PS drivers from Windows 7, from Windows Update, and from
  the Xerox web site.

Many thanks to the person who mentioned deleting the packages
  after deleting the printers (on some thread, somewhere). Deleting just

  the printers does not do much.

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