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Re: Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

Minor correction above - Paragraph 5, Line 2 should read "Print Management" not "Printe Management"

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Re: Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

The description posted by Xerox starts a user down the correct path.  However the devil is in the details and the details change if you if different versions of Microsoft Windows 7.  I just want to point out to users of Xerox 8560DN (and perhaps other Xerox products) that the Xerox software developers have a propensity of coding in "Xerox FIRST" mentality into their print drivers.  I have 4 other printers in my house including HP, EPSON, Cannon etc.  Xerox doesn't play nice if the other printers are first in line.  Maybe Xerox software engineers never went to pre-school. 


You must access the Windows 7 printer device manager and eliminate all vestiges of any printer driver.  BUT WAIT!  Which Windows 7 are we talking about?  Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Home Edition?  Yes the zingers from Microsoft have struck again.  I would have never figured this problem out except I started with Professional and then went off and tackled Home Edition.


Windows 7 Professional: 


Click on Start Button and click on Devices and Printers.  Eliminate and remove all printers that are visible. Close window.


Click on Start Button and in the "Search programs and files" query box (see bottom left of open window) type in "Printe Management".  The program "Print Management" will appear as the first entry under the top heading "Programs (1)".  Click on this icon.  This will open up the Print Management Snap-in that is included with the Microsoft Control Console Management application. You will see on the left column a list of entries.  It should be open to the "Drivers".  This is under Print Management>Print Servers>your computer name (local).  The middle column will have the printer drivers.  Erase, DELETE, REMOVE all drivers.  Close all open windows, reboot.


Windows 7 Home Edition


Whoa Nelly!!!!  Guess What - Home Edition doesn't have Print Management application.  What?  Yes and you can't move a copy of printmanagement.msc over from Professional to Home Edition because Windows Control Console Manager gives you a stupid error message - "MMC could not create the snap-in".  What?  Thank you Microsoft (Stong message to follow).  Now what?  You guessed right.  Back to the "Command Prompt".  Click on "Start" Button, find the Accessories folder under "All Programs", click on "Command Prompt".  At the entry line type in


"printui  /s /t2"


Voila!  the printer device drivers pops up.  Highlight each printer driver and click on the REMOVE button to eliminate all visible printer drivers.


Close Windows 7, reboot


You may also need to open REGEDIT (go to Command Prompt under Accessories) and search for all instances of any printer driver - just do a detailed search by printer manufacturer - e.g. HP, Xerox, Epson, etc.  Reboot after this procedure. (Note I found that I needed to do this just to eliminate a errant EPSON 3880 printer driver which I tried to remove using the "Devices and Printers" window, but didn't notice that the printer installation program came with it's own "Uninstall EPSON Stylus Pro 3880 Printer" application.  Another lesson learned.


After and only after you are sure there is nothing you can find that represents a printer driver, then start the Xerox 8560DN print driver installation process.  I first did this with the printer direct connected.  Wow - after 1 year of screwing around trying to find the answer was I happy to see the Xerox 8560DN load paper from Tray 2 (bottom tray) and print out in color.  I was sure I was going to have to buy the replacement version.  However after 50,000 print pages and only 2 paper jams I was really loathe to toss this beast of a machine - nicknamed WAR HORSE!!!!




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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

Hello SCXrx,


Thank you for posting this information!  I think it will be a big help to other members who read it.  Actually, it is a process that could/should be used for installing any Xerox product and especially with the Windows 7 OS.  Having read my share of posts in this community, I have seen A LOT of issues with members installing printers on a PC running Win 7.  Most of the time it can be resolved by uninstalling all previous Xerox printers and their respective drivers, rebooting, and then installing the printer that they want to install.

So, again, thank you for posting this information and I hope that you continue to visit this Support Community and offer even more help!



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New Member
New Member

Windows 7 not printing color (8560 DN)

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

This is posted as one method of resolution, not as a question.


Symptom: No color printing to Xerox Phaser 8560 DN:
Fix: Delete packages of all related printers and packages and reinstall
  color printer first, using Windows 7 offered driver


A network with Xerox Phaser 8560DN color and Xerox 3250 B&W
Windows 7 Enterprise laptop

Xerox 3250 (B&W) was installed first and worked fine.

8560DN installed later.
  All fields and screens visible on the laptop say color.
  The Windows Printer Test Page says Color Support:  No
  Mostly but not all printing was B&W. Some other paging problems.

Windows 7
  Print Management
    Delete all Xerox printers
    Delete all Xerox print driver packages.
      This required a reboot and repeat to get things "in use"

Installed 8560DN in this way
  Special port
  TCP/IP device
  Auto query device type
  Install the offered driver (8560DN PS)
  Now Windows Printer Test Page says Color Support: Yes
    and color prints correctly, and pages are laid out correctly.

All other unfortunate symptoms, including tray usage, page layout
  and other behaviors that were occuring that are now OK.

  It appears that there is some overlap
  or conflict between different drivers or configurations.
Before the delete-everything method, I had tried many combinations of
  PCL and PS drivers from Windows 7, from Windows Update, and from
  the Xerox web site.

Many thanks to the person who mentioned deleting the packages
  after deleting the printers (on some thread, somewhere). Deleting just

  the printers does not do much.