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sogold New Member
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Re: Windows 8 Compatibility Matrix

Thank you very much, i founded it

Sogold - gia ca phe and gia ca phe hom nay

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RichM Frequent Member
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Re: Windows 8 Compatibility Matrix

We are looking to get a new xerox all-in-one.

Just wondering if any of these drivers address an issue we found with a 3325 (however it may be a firmware change).


We tried sending scanned documents to a network share and it would fail every time. We even did a packet capture and sent it to tech support for analysis. Turns out the problem was that it failed the logon to the network share because the all-in-one was using the old and notably insecure NTLMv1 authentication.

Our Microsoft 2012 domain/forest environment only permits Kerberos or NTLMv2.


After we discovered this we submitted an EO to Xerox engineering to ask for a fix. They said " Declined: The device does not support NTLMv2 authentication. This request would need to be done as an Feature Enhancement Request  (FER) since the machine is working to specification.  If you would like to see this feature added in future products, please contact your Xerox customer representative to enter an Feature Enhancement Request  (FER) on your behalf."


So would any of these drivers address this issue? Or is it strictly in the firmware?

What all-in-ones should I be looking at so we can do SMB scanning to a network share that supports Kerberos or NTLMv2? Thanks!


-Rich M. in CLE OH

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