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Windows 8, Word 2013 & Print defaults...

I've got several Win8 computers running Office 2013 & have a Xerox Phaser 3635 MFP set up as a network printer, that they all print to. Most of what is printed to this is letters. I have pre-printed letterheads in tray 2 & plain paper in tray 1. I am trying to have first page print to tray 2 & all others to tray 1 & have thought I could set this up in word, but it's not working & I'm getting different results from each computer, it seems!

One computer might print all pages to tray 2 (where pre-printed letterheads are at), while another will have the job hang at the printer, asking me to put the right kind of paper in there (it is), or just wants a confirmation that it's ok to print!

All computers connect to printer via a tcp/ip port, not as a shared printer off of the win2k8 server.

Where/how do I start to get this right???

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Re: Windows 8, Word 2013 & Print defaults...

Hi mikey59,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please make sure the the paper trays are set properly. 

When you open the paper trays it should show the current settings on the Touch Screen.

To modify any of the settings:

  1. Select the [Arrow] in the Size, Type, or Color sections to view a menu of options.
  2. Select the required paper size, type, or color from the list.
  3. Select [Save] to apply the new setting and return to the Paper Settings screen.
  4. Repeat steps a – c to modify additional settings.

To confirm the current settings, select the [Confirm] button.

NOTE: Failure to configure the correct paper size and type may cause problems when printing. Print drivers select a paper tray based on the available information on paper size and type; printing errors may occur if this is not set correctly at the machine.


I hope this helps if not please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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