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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Work Center 5225 Macbook pro printing issues

At the printer select Job Status > Completed jobs and highlight your failed job. It will tell you why it failed.


Most likely you use Accounting and because of OSX 10.10 and above not allowing SNMP to pull the setting from the Device, you will need to go into CUPS and manually enable accounting in the driver Mac side.

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Joe Arseneau
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Work Center 5225 Macbook pro printing issues

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I have an apple macbook pro 2015 running OSX El Cap.

At my office there is a Xerox Work Center 5225 which am connected to over the wireless network (After much tinkering and driver installing sessions).

My computer sees the machine just fine, however when I send a document to print (in this instance from pages) the xerox machine beeps a few times and nothing is printed.


Can someone help me please?



while the xerox machine beeps, no message(s) are displayed on its screen.

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