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HuWells New Member
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WorkCenter 5745 Paper Jam, with no paper

I had a paper jam the other day with my WC5745, and followed intructions to remove paper. After all paper was removed from jamed areas, the printer continues to say there is a paper jam. I have turned the machine off and on and have reset the settings. I have pulled out and cleaned every removable part of this machine to no avail. I have even contacted support for this machine with no luck. 


"10-512 A paper jam in the output area has been detected. User intervention is required to follow the instructions at the local user interface to clear the jam. Print and Copy services are disabled; other machine services are unaffected."


I am trying to find a different way to clean it or a way to just override the error and make it print one page because I feel like that will solve the issue. 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: WorkCenter 5745 Paper Jam, with no paper

Reboot with the Finisher unplugged.

Run the System Software/Netwrok Reset.

Install the finisher

Run the reset again

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