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Re: WorkCenter 7655 Host 2 host communication error

Which hard drive was removed. You need a tech to do an alt boot load on the network controller.
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WorkCenter 7655 Host 2 host communication error

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We bought a WC7655 from another organization that upgraded their machine to a newer machine.

However, they seemed to have taken the hard drive out, requiring us to reload the firmware onto the machine.


After some research, it seems that this is possible by downloading the firmware from the Xerox website (which I have done), and then loading the firmware directly to the machine. The problem is, it seems that only a Xerox technician can do this upgrade? Or is there any way we have access to Alt-Boot, or some alternative way to load the firmware, given that the machine does not boot currently?


The machine will start, but will throw the error

Usb host to host communication failure


Any help would be very much appreciated. It is impossible to get a hold of someone from Xerox to come down and assist us where we are at.

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