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WorkCentre 3315 -System Fault:0

System fault :0

file excepthndl.c

line 1795

Task lmT0P413c51c4


user tried to stop print job by pulling out the paper drawer.  printer won't go to ready state just keeps restarting with the above message

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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: WorkCentre 3315 -System Fault:0

Hey you!


Try turning off the printer, letting it be for a few minutes. Disconnect the network cable and then start it up with the network cable disconnected.

If the machine boot up correctly and the message goes away, the print job is in a queue on the network.

Either on the user client or on a print server.


Best Regards


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Re: WorkCentre 3315 -System Fault:0

We tried disconnecting all the cables and restarting several times with no different result.  Is there a way to do a NVRAM cold reset,  I tried holding down the green start button and restarting. I can't get to a menue, status light flashes green then  turns amber LED says "please wait warming up" them the "System Fault" error and you hear a buzzing sound from the rear of the machine.

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