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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: WorkCentre 5325 Error Code 033-544

hello, I searched for the fault code through our support site. and found the information below.  contact Xerox toll free support at 1 800 939 3769 with your serial number.   I hope this is helpful.

  Solutions for : Fault Code 033-504: T2 Timeout Erro (Timed Out Before the Image Was Transferred)

Related Fault Code: 033-504

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Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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New Member
New Member

WorkCentre 5325 Error Code 033-544

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

I cannot find error code listings anywhere.  Can someone help me decifer this?  It started with not being able to print PDF's and now we cannot print documents.


The other error code I see in the log in 033-504 as well. 


Thank you

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