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WorkCentre 5845 AS400 print truncation while using WSCST XRXWC5845XX

This question pertains to printing on a Xerox WC 5845 from an AS400 running V7R1M0.


We just acquired a WorkCentre 5845 and are having a few issues concerning tray selection. I've downloaded and installed XTOOLS0818 and have created a WorkStation Customized object modeling XRXWC58XX and changing ONLY the DRAWER 1 data value (line 15501 below) to '1B266C3548'X to cause drawer 1 to source from the HS tray.


15300 :DWRSLT

15400 DRAWER=DRAWER1 /* this will point to Tray 1 */

15500 /* DATA ='1B266C3448'X. esc&l4H */ 10/06/13

15501 DATA ='1B266C3548'X. /* esc&l5H - HS Tray = 5 */


This and setting the OUTQ Manufacturer Type and Model (MFRTYPMDL) to *HP5SI does work for 90% of the print jobs sent to the printer. Print jobs do source from the HighSpeed tray 4 and print correctly.


Here's the problem: Print jobs with attributes of CPI(15) truncate the right side of the print as if the CPI parameter is being ignored and only the first 85 or 132 byted are printing depending upon orientation, landscape or portrait. The reports are oriented correctly but truncation occurs whether portrait or landscape.


What additional changes do I need to make to the WSCST module to allow for correct printing of wider than traditional 85 or 132 character reports?

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Re: WorkCentre 5845 AS400 print truncation while using WSCST XRXWC5845XX

Hi Tom_K,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the System Administrator guide for information on AS400 printing.  If the information does not help you solve the issue please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Re: WorkCentre 5845 AS400 print truncation while using WSCST XRXWC5845XX

Thanx Cheryl but the info in that manual points to XTOOLS0818 which I have already installed and am trying to use. The specific WSCST mod for the WC5845 (XRXWC58XX) is the mod I am having a problem using.


========================QUOTED TEXT================================================


Xerox provides Work Station Customization Object (WSCO) files to support AS/400 or Iseries, V5R2 or

later systems. The WSCO file provides printer-specific PCL codes. The host print transform uses these

codes to select the correct tray, 2-sided printing option, font size and type, and orientation. The

XTOOLSxxxx library provides a source WSCO for each supported Xerox

® printer. You only download and

install the library once.


The host print transform only works on AFPDS and SCS files. Convert IPDS formatted printer files

to AFPDS files to use the WSCO for printing.

You must have IOSYSCFG permissions to create a device description or a remote queue.

For details on AS/400, refer to the IBM AS/400 Printing V, (Red Book), available on the IBM


Installing the WSCO and Setting up Print Queues

For detailed instructions on installing the library and setting up print queues, refer to the installation

instructions that are included with the library.

=====================END QUOTED TEXT===============================================

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