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Joe Arseneau
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Re: WorkCentre 7225 not printing custom envelopes

It only worked fine on the 7120 because Word was not using it's default settings with that printer at that time, likely because when you got it, the same problem occured and the Word settings were changed.



Open a Word file with a job to be printed on Envelopes. Then select Page Layout > Page Setup > Paper




These settings are found in most MS Office applications and are the bane of my existence as a printer support guy

Applications over-ride the driver always, so these settings matter.

As near as I can figure, the Default tray (Automatically select) which is the default always, actually means to Select the default tray and not as you would assume, automatically select the right tray. That is what Automatically Select is for.

This matches what I would expect of your printer since tray 3 is typically the first of the higher capacity trays, and would be default be the printers default tray.


So send the job after selecting Automatically Select and that will become the new default for that printer within Word and should stay resolved. <You may have to change the size here as well>


If all else fails you can just use this screen to specify tray 5 for that job



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Joe Arseneau
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WorkCentre 7225 not printing custom envelopes

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Hi everyone,


I'm new in this forum!


I have a problem with a brand new Xerox WorkCentre 7225 and printing of envelopes with Microsoft Word.

I'm in Italy and we're using custom size envelopes (230x110mm) similar to DL envelopes.

I load the envelopes in tray 5 (bypass), set the size and type on control panel and confirm.

Then if I try to print from the Xerox, putting an envelope in the scanner and clicking Copy icon, it works.

But when I try to send a document to the printer with Microsoft Word and setting options to print an envelope from tray 5 and with custom size (230x110mm) I get an error of paper not loaded or something similar (I have an italian printer).

I tried contacting Italian support with no success, they told me trying to use DL envelopes, but what is strange to me is that with the previous version of WorkCentre printer (7125 model) it used to works fine with custom size envelopes.


Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

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