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WorkCentre 7435 Tray Selection

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I've been attempting to research the answer to my question without the assistance of others, but thus far, I've spent many fruitless hours trying to find a solution with no luck. My problem is as such: at our office, we use a legacy piece of billing and accounting software that runs on Linux. Because of its age, it only supports raw printing. We currently have our WorkCentre 7435 set up in CUPS using LPR and the Raw driver. This works fine, except we lose the ability to choose which tray to print to. This becomes a bit of an issue when we need to print cheques or invoices on special paper. My general strategy to solving this problem is to create multiple instances of the printer in CUPS, with each instance printing to a different tray. This seems to be the only way to accomplish our goal of printer tray selection, given that the billing and accounting software we use only accepts one parameter when printing, which is the name of the local printer queue. If I set up the printer using a PPD in CUPS, it will allow me to select the tray, but then the printer expects PostScript data, which means that the output of the printer is not correctly formatted. I'm looking for a way to select the printer tray, while still allowing the program to send raw data to the printer. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?


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