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Joe Arseneau
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Re: WorkCentre 7535 OSX 10.9

I just installed this driver and sent over 30 jobs without failure. Make sure you are actually removing the driver after uninstalling your printer in Library>printers>PPDs>Contents>Resources and also check the en.lproj folder


My printer is on Firmware, which is the latest, you can get it here:
The SPAR Release code is: WC75xxSpar
Notes :
• When upgrading to or later from any release less than, pre-upgrade patch 361372v1.dlm (found in the .zip file) may need to be installed before upgrading to this latest release. The pre-upgrade patch will retain the Default Scan Template settings that were made prior to loading If you upgrade to or later without loading the pre-upgrade patch first, the Default Scan Template settings will reset back to factory default at which point you will need to manually set the Default Scan Template to the desired settings

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Joe Arseneau
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WorkCentre 7535 OSX 10.9

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We are getting some Mac's that are running OSX 10.9.  When I set one of them up to print to a networked WorkCentre 7535 using the latest driver, the printer kept rejecting the print job because of invalid account code.  I did some searching and found that if we used an older driver, the printer would accept the users account code. 


The driver I downloaded was Universal_MacOSX_Print_Driver_2.77.0.dmg.


Once the driver was installed and the user input their account code, he was able to print...for a while.  Then the rejected print jobs returned.  I tried changing the account code to my account code but it still rejected the print jobs.  It was spitting out an error based on the old account code, not the one I just input.


I un-installed the driver and reinstalled it, and the user was able to print a few documents, then the account code rejections returned.


Is there a driver that will allow my Mac OSX user to print more than a couple of documents?

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