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Re: WorkCentre 7655 Default Color

its a windows issue , probaly the settings are already saved in the register


its better to set it default on your server, then make a script that deletes and readds the driver @ logon, that way your clients will download the new defaults

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WorkCentre 7655 Default Color

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We have a couple Xerox 7655 WorkCentres that our executives want the printers to default to B/W. They still want the ability of color to be there but for everyone to not be able to print color automatically. They Also do not want any type of accounting for printing. One of our 7655 pushed down B/W default on everyones printing preferences after we changed the Preferences on our print server. We tried to change the printing preferences of the other Xeroxes on the print server but they did not get the same results. The Default for those printers when added to PCs is color. The 7655s appear to have the same driver "Xerox Workcentre 7655 rev 2.0 PCL 6" and are on the same 2008 server. All desktops are XP machines.

I do not see any other options besides only setting B/W on the web interface. I do not believe the printers have the same firmware version.


Is there an option that I am overlooking, a trick we got right the first time, or is this a Firmware releated issue?


Thanks in advance,


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