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Re: WorkCentre 7830i - New Replaced Black Toner Extremely Faded & Still Empty

Does anyone know if the (Xerox 948K21190) developer might be the reason for the faded prints?

Or could it be the MOB sensor ( OEM-130K78581 / 604K96770)


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WorkCentre 7830i - New Replaced Black Toner Extremely Faded & Still Empty

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830i/7835i/7845i/7855i
Operating System: Windows 10 x64


We have a WorkCentre 7830i.

I recently received a message that the black toner was empty.

We replaced it with an official new one from Xerox. It immediately starting printing pages that became more faded the more pages that were printed.

We then printed a supplies page and noticed that the blacktoner was still near empty.

We then installed another new toner cartridge and still noticed the faded prints and the supplied page still registered the black toner as almost empty.

We then cleaned the lenses of all the drum cartridges and it still produced extremely faded prints that are almost not legible.

We then replaced the drum cartrdge for the black toner. Still no change.

We then used compressed air in the black toner spot and the black drum spot while each was removed and still no changes.

We then ran a calibration procedure (print pages and then scan them back in) and the suggested changes were worse than what was presently. 

The Repeating Defects page print shows 3 perfect colors and almost no black. 

The Graphic Demo page prints photo quality except there being no black.

Why is the black still showing empty and why are the prints so faded?

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