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Re: WorkCentre 7835 windows 8 problems

Hey, Nickd!


I suggest you do a clean install again, which means you remove all traces from the driver and reinstall it, this is probably just a fault with the job queue itself.


Try following this and see if that helps: (You can probably skip a few steps as you might know what you're doing :))


Installation of Local Network driver:
There are two different methods to start the “Add a Printer Wizard”.
The first one is manually starting it up, the second is using an .EXE file that extracts everything for you and starts it automatically.

1. Download the correct printer driver from the Xerox homepage:


  •  Make sure you have selected the correct operating system and language
  •  Postscript is not installed on all Xerox machines; this is often used on MAC computers and by printing companies for its Vector capabilities.
  •  If you do not know which one to pick, always use the newest PCL/PCL6
  •  For test purposes do NOT pick web based, global or any other driver, use latest PCL/PCL6 or Postscript.


2. If the driver installer is an .EXE file it will do two things; it extracts the necessary files to the folder of your choice and starts the “Add a Printer Wizard” when you press “Install”.
Tip: Remember to pay attention to the install directory; you will need the files later on. 


2:1. If it is an .ZIP file you will need to right click on the file and choose “Extract All” depending on what program you use to extract that file type (t. ex. WinZip / WinRAR / 7zip)
Tip: Remember to pay attention to the install directory; you will need the files later on.

2:2. If using .ZIP files you will need to start the “Add a Printer Wizard” manually.
This is done by going to
Start -> All Apps -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Add a Printer

3. If you have the printer connected to your local network then click on “Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings”


4. Here you check “Create a new port” and choose “Standard TCP/IP Port” as the type.

5. When you click next you will need to enter “IP-Address” and “Port name”.

Tip: Remember to uncheck “Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use”


Hostname or IP address:
Enter your machines IP address.
Port Name:
Enter a port name or leave it as default.
If you get a message saying “Port name already exists” just simply enter another name.


6. When done with this just press “Next” and “Finish”. When “Install the printer driver” pops up, press “Have Disk”.
Never use the drivers implemented with Windows 8, always select “Have Disk” and use the driver you downloaded.

7. When you press “Have Disk” a new window will pop up where you can navigate to where you extracted the files and choose the correct .inf file.


8. Here you will be able to name the printer; this will show up in the “Devices and Printers” window.
When clicking “Next” you can also choose if this printer is going to be the default printer, or not.
TIP: do NOT print a test page before actually checking the paper settings.
This could automatically be set to “Letter” and if you do not use that type of paper the job will get stuck in the queue preventing others to print.
Always check:
o Port and IP settings, double check that the port is set to the printers IP Address.
o Printing defaults, paper size, tray, duplex etc.
o Print a test page.

This can be done by going to Start -> All Apps -> Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> right click on the printer and select Printer Preferences.


Port and IP settings
When the “Printer Preferences” window is open, select the “Ports” tab and press “Configure port”,
here you can check that the correct IP-address is entered.



Best Regards


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WorkCentre 7835 windows 8 problems

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I am having a problem with a Xerox WorkCentre 7835. More specially, Windows 8 is giving me problems. If there is no jobs in the print Queue, then the job prints but the job never removes itself from the Queue. If i want to print something again i have to go in and manually delete the previous job, every time. The people running Windows XP or 7 works perfectly fine. The job deletes itself after the print comes through just like it's supposed too. Does anyone have any insight into the problem? I know very little about Windows 8. I have been stumbling with this problem for several weeks.

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