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WorkCentre M128/255 Pro

Product Name: WorkCentre Pro 245/255

We have approximately 15 WorkCentre M128/255 Pro connected to our intranet.  We normally print via tcp/ip printing.  Our latest batch of workstatrions came with WIn 7 Enterpirse 64bit.


I downloaded the X-GPD_5.216.19.0_PCL_x64.exe file from the website, and installed the universal driver.  When I orint a test page, all i get is solid black squares.  I tried both drivers in the package - same result. 


what am I missing here...?

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Re: WorkCentre M128/255 Pro

yes, seen that too, but the global doesnt support the m128 anymore or visa versa


but i tried the pcl 6  driver then, and then it was solved :)

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Re: WorkCentre M128/255 Pro

HI Fabio,

Hi Klwinfl,


It seems that we have the same problem of WorkCentre M128/255 Pro like you with our Work Centre M118 printer .

We try to connect it directly by the USB connection of our portable computer SONY VAIO with OS Windows 7-64 bits, with no success !


When we use "Start/ Devices and Printers/Add printer" processus, WIndows 7 says "drivers not found,Xerox Work Centre M118 driver not signed ".

We search and found on those drivers -To use for  GLOBAL DIRVER :

We search and found on those drivers -To use for  GLOBAL DIRVER ??? See updown :  

 o    Date: Sep 9, 2011 o    Version: 5.216.19  o    Size: 14.5 MB  o    Format: EXE   Install from Web

o    ·          

o    Date: Sep 9, 2011 o    Version: 5.216.19 o    Size: 28.2 MB  o    Format: EXE

PCL5 64-bit Driver – Download and Install

o    ·          

o    Date: Sep 9, 2011 o    Version: 5.216.19 o    Size: 28.2 MB o    Format: EXE

PCL6 64-bit Driver – Download and Install


o    Date: Sep 9, 2011 o    Version: 5.216.19  o    Size: 28.2 MB  o    Format: EXE PostScript 64-bit Driver – Download and Install


Do someone know how to use them  for Win 7-64 bits ? or to find another solution to do the Workcentre-M118 priter to be recognized by Windows 7 64 bits ?


Remark : this printer print very well when it is used with a PC computer with OS WIndows XP-32 bits, via USB connection.

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