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Re: WorkCentre M35 "pre-processing" but not printing



Thanks for the reply.  I was using the Xerox Global Print Driver.  I decided to add the printer via another method and now I got it to work.



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Re: WorkCentre M35 "pre-processing" but not printing

what driver have you installed? have you tried updating that driver?

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WorkCentre M35 "pre-processing" but not printing

Product Name: WorkCentre M35

I am attempting to print from a WinXP workstation to a WorkCentre M35 network printer.  I can get the print job to the printer without an issue but while in the que on the M35 it will display the status message of "Preprocessing" and then the print job will dissappear without printing the job.  Other workstations have no problems printing to this M35 printer.


Any suggestions?



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